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Far away

When the waves come flooding the shore
And you can’t find a way out of your thoughts
And moon seems the only light
Take a look at it and
Remember I am at the other end of the world under the same sky watching the same stars
And hopelessly missing you by myside .


In search of wisdom in pain

Just like any usual day she walked through the market sinking in her thoughts as she bumped into this man and dropped her bags. he bent down to pick up her bags as she had a slight look at his hands ,they seemed familiar but she quickly let the thought go by in order to ignore the preceding painful ones . Just by the way she smelled , he was certain that the universe had made a move on them again . As she stood up just to witness her deadliest heartbreak. He handed her the bags as if he dint know those eyes , dint know those lips which were trembling now . All she could do was sigh and try to brush off all those faded memories which were running on her mind now. She quickly walked past to hide those tears in her eyes, she lit her cigarette amidst all the burning tears.

Heartbreak,this was the little truth about her life she was trying to hide ,which she could not anymore .That moment which lasted a few minutes made an everlasting impact on her mind . It gave light to that dark corner in her soul where she was trying to chain down every little memory about him. That moment broken down every brick of that half built wall she was trying to build against emotions.

But the truth she wasn’t familiar with was that she was damaged and damaged people are fighters ,sooner or later they do realize that they can survive and she was one of them. Her soul had been damaged, lies in his words had shot down her soul harder than the bullets itself,he ripped open her heart ,she was betrayed and played upon in the name of true love. She tried pulling herself together with every drag of that cigarette ,even though the burning tears blinded her vision she could figure out the bigger picture she knew her efforts dint go in vain , she did learn and grow, may it be very little but she did and this was a positive sign and right there was little girl ready to fight back her own emotions ,her own memory and not be a slave to them rather overpower them. She realized not all loves stories were meant to have a happy ending some were just meant  to experience the abbreviation of it.

tables turn; bridges burn;you live and learn.




Lie in her eyes .

She lit a cigarette with tears in her eyes
Her heart had been ripped open
All that she had built was blown in a minute . She could barely phrase a sentence ,she was a wreck and nobody knew of this for she could barely talk about it without choking or keeping her self calm .
Destiny slipped out of her palm. The one who promised her a happily ever after was making that happily ever after with some other girl simultaneously . She wanted to stab him in the heart but each time she looked at him ,came alive all those memories which would haunt her now.

Death seemed the only possible option but she had been a survivor ,she was fighter and began collecting every piece of herself which was shot down into tiny pieces with words which pierced her soul harder than the bullets.


Love and lost

“You were absent”
“I wasn’t , I was there watching you through those nights ,kissing the back of your neck a thousand times , feeling my skin rub against yours,hearing your heart beat, peeping into your eyes like my favourite sight”
“Had you ever felt those moments in those nights like I did.”
“Today my soul wouldn’t have been chained down with the chains of memory which are rusting now”