Step mother is not really a curse

She looked at me like I was a jewel
Given to her as a precious gift
By The Lord himself

She had no blood ties
But she would say it’s the heart that makes ties
From all the ups and downs
From joy to sorrows
She would look at me like her own

She did not keep me in her womb
But she could feel my wounds
She could heal them like no other
The only one who would bother

Looking at my falls
Praying for me to rise above all

Guiding me throw the darkest hours
Showing me the strength of ours
I owe you this life
I may not have been nourished in your womb
But you nourished me in this life
The more I can thank you
The less it seems
Because you’re the only reason for how beautiful this life now seems


2 thoughts on “Step mother is not really a curse

  1. I love this absolutely stunning. Your writing is amazing and I can’t wait to read more. Keep it up you are doing well.

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