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Sky to my stars

You’re the sky for my stars
Like the beating of my heart
Putting back what was torn apart
Being my life’s most precious part

It’s crazy how I feel about you
It’s magic when I’m next to you
Comfort even in silence with you
Fall in love just by looking at you
It’s magic when I’m with you

Your touch heals the pain
I know with you I shall only gain
Love,care ,wisdom strikes back in life again

You’re a kind
Difficult to find
Not letting you go,this is on my mind!



Oh mother!

I’ve craved for you in my sleep
Craved to clutch on to your arm
Craved to lay in your lap
Craved to have fed by your hands
This craving has got no end

I know I can’t have you
But I can feel you
All those days when my heart aches
It’s you putting strength in my heart
Moments when I’ve give up
You’re the one giving hope
It’s you whom I’ve spoken to
While I introspect
I know you’re here
Right here

You’re lessons
You’re last words
They are carved on my soul
They’ve given life to this tarnished soul

Oh mumma! You’re the end and you’re the beginning
You’re my corner stone
You’re my backbone

One day I promise to make you proud
And you’ll look at me from up there
And say that’s my lil girl!


Happily ever after? Myth?

Happily ever after , does that really exist?

I have never experienced a happily ever after so according to me it’s just a myth or only a few lucky bunch gets the experience it.
But I think we can make our happily ever after ourselves why depend on anyone else why wait for hours for someone to talk to us and cheer us up? I know maybe sometimes that’s all we need but maybe we should find an alternative and live for ourselves because we come alone to this world and die alone then why spend a lifetime searching for someone . While that someone might not treat us well or might not be kind as according to our expectations in that case I think the best we can do is build a happily ever after for ourselves and with our own-selves , be our own hero and this doesn’t mean that we should stop loving but it merely means that we should look upto ourselves first before we look upto others and if we’re lucky enough then true love will find us one day and if it doesn’t there are better things to do rather than sitting and crying over what we’ve lost . We need to accept the wrong that has been done to us because every story has 3 types ,theirs , ours and the truth and memories serve each one differently so it’s better to learn and live rather than cry and crib.



Beautifully written ❤️

in transit


Because all women have walked to their car in the dark, keys clutched tight in hand, one poking out between two fingers.

Because when I go out to bars or clubs, I have to think about whether what I’m wearing is too suggestive, instead of putting on whatever I please.

Because I feel the need to apologize when I’m not wearing makeup or my hair hasn’t been washed, or when I’m generally looking anything other than flawless.

Because there was nothing I could do about the man who touched me inappropriately in the middle of Gillette Stadium as I waited for my then-boyfriend to come out of the bathroom. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STADIUM.

Because there was also nothing I could do when a man touched me inappropriately in the middle of a crowded street, his arm around his girlfriend. Because retaliating in the way I wanted to…

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For she was a survivor, fighter ,lover,keeper.

She lit a cigarette with tears in her eyes.
Her heart had been ripped open
All that she had built was blown in a minute . She could barely phrase a sentence ,she was a wreck and nobody knew of this for she could barely talk about it without choking or keeping her self calm .
Destiny slipped out of her palm. The one who promised her a happily ever after was making that happily ever after with some other girl simultaneously . She wanted to stab him in the heart but each time she looked at him ,came alive all those memories which shall haunt her now.

Death seemed the only possible option but she had been a survivor ,she was fighter and began collecting every piece of herself which was shot down into to tiny pieces with words which pierced her soul harder than the bullets.


Step mother is not really a curse

She looked at me like I was a jewel
Given to her as a precious gift
By The Lord himself

She had no blood ties
But she would say it’s the heart that makes ties
From all the ups and downs
From joy to sorrows
She would look at me like her own

She did not keep me in her womb
But she could feel my wounds
She could heal them like no other
The only one who would bother

Looking at my falls
Praying for me to rise above all

Guiding me throw the darkest hours
Showing me the strength of ours
I owe you this life
I may not have been nourished in your womb
But you nourished me in this life
The more I can thank you
The less it seems
Because you’re the only reason for how beautiful this life now seems


He held her as if she was a divine gift
Given to him in love
As though a precious jewel
Small and tiny
Mending her wounds with every touch
Touching her soul a lil too much
Under the blue sky
Near the deep blue sea
A sight one must see
Clearing her soul
Fixing her life’s role
Angel as an whole

Kissing away her pain
Not letting her efforts go in vain
Under the blue sky
Near the deep blue sea
Promises in his eyes
Which only she could see


Life- an enigma

Life is strange just when we think that we are close to finding out the reason for our existence or why things are this messy or this pleasant we find ourselves discovering new paths of life .I’ve loved and I’ve lost what I’ve loved but amidst this loving and loosing it process I had those zillion memories which have left an everlasting impact on my heart. No matter they were of joy or sorrow because with time every thing that made you cry or everything that made you happy will have the same meaning to you . You will associate them to that one person who gave them to you .It’s on us how we perceive them we can either hold on to them and accept it and live with it or just hide the pain or show it out to others .
Change is a very slow process it’s a painful one it’s like the peeling off the snake’s skin slow and steady but at the end of all the healing process is a new start. It’s not on anyone else to make us realise this start but on us to figure out and live our lives from a new beginning the way we’ve wanted

It’s better to learn and grow from our experiences and move forward . Rather than letting our entire life revolve around them.